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Skeptics view on Reiki: Are they right?

Skeptics view on Reiki

Most assume that Reiki is a pseudo-science

It’s a waste of time for many medical personnel.

Experts are concerned about the option of Reiki over conventional treatment for those suffering from serious conditions such as heart problems, stroke, and cancer.

The practitioners are battling the fear of the patient and stealing their money.

Reiki practitioners maintain that you can use Reiki in addition to the treatment your doctor has planned while still receiving.

The community of Reiki would never advocate harming anyone.

The various Reiki programs and how they vary also have a great many problems.

Many may use different symbols.

Skeptics Reiki

Instead of being in contact, certain may use vibration therapy.

Some go every year to study, while others take up to 10 years to study.

The churches are also having problems regarding Reiki.

It opens the door to evil, Catholics believe.

It is not even known as a positive power by some faiths.

We think there is no way for one human at any time to have universal power.

The best way to help Reiki appreciate these critics is to handle them before they say it as garbage.

Skeptics on Reiki

You will deem them to be very misguided.

Treatments of soft music playing in the background are very soothing and very sweet.

We will lie on the table as long as the instructor with the Reiki power covers their whole body.

We will begin at the head chakra of the patient and go all the way down to the root chakra, which all of them have opened.

Each knee chakra is finished.

You flip over and work on the back of your chakras.

They’ll then send you a statement and mark it with a sign.

The entire process takes approximately an hour.

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