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Reiki Symbols Explained: Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Hon Sha Sho Nen

The Symbol of Hon Sha Sho Nen

Reiki healing uses different objects, intentionally Shonen, to focus energy to help heal.

The second level of the third symbol.

Time and distance transcend attunement.

It means something similar to Buddha, and I contact the Buddha and know that this symbol is used in distance healing to give access to the records of every soul and can be utilized for karmic healing from a distance.

Karmic healing is intended to prevent people from the impact of karma from past transgressions or trauma of wrongdoing from this lifetime or another lifetime.

The house, jersey, and symbol shown can allow a Reiki practitioner to bring these things onto the surface remotely.

how to draw the hon sha ze sho nen reiki symbol

It can be used to increase the level of healing by uniting practitioners and customers on an unconscious level.

You can use this Reiki symbol at a distance.

It is often found in the distance from you, where the practitioner is not in physical contact.

Used from a distance, the energy should be transmitted unlimitedly.

It will find the source where it is most desired to function to give that region beneficial energy, or it can also be used to transcend time.

Honchos and Shonen can be used to transcend time as well.

It can be sent in the future at a time when its power is necessary.

It will then be ready and waiting for the recipient.

This must be achieved at a given time or place.

This can be done through a visualization process.

You can also give this gap mark to the past.

Shonen’s karmic healing force can be sent in the past to ease pain from a long time ago.

hon sha ze sho nen akashic records

The individual can, therefore, forgive the root of the trauma and continue the mental healing process triggered by the trauma.

One of the most common symbols is Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

The implementations are broad, and its performance reduces space and time.

It can help cure the pain of the past, as it can be sent into the future to aid at a certain point.

It has the power to cure every event irrespective of our limited view of time and space.

It is said to carry the Sun’s strength, long worshiped by the Reiki of many men.

Chazy Shonen is regarded as one of the most powerful and versatile icons that the Reiki Master provides to the student during the second stage.

It doesn’t work until it’s given to the student.

The exact way the symbol is depicted is less important than the symbol’s meaning and energy.

It can help heal a variety of times and spaces.

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