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Reiki Symbols Explained: Dai Ko Myo

Dai Ko Myo Symbol

The Symbol of Dai Ko Myo Reiki

Reiki is a systematic form of treatment based on Japanese methods.

Macao Tsui established it.

It was planned as a supplementary therapy for disorders in mind and spirit.

Several different symbols are used for this treatment.

Dye Ko Myo, known as the master symbol, is only given through Anna by a Reiki Master to someone else who becomes a Reiki Master.

Only at the master level can it be used.

It is very powerful and combines the powers of the first three symbols in the second level.

The first three symbols are Shoku ray, the symbol of power, Sahay key the emotional symbol, and Shonen II haunches the symbol of time.

This symbol is because the others have no meaning until the one from his master becomes a Reiki Master.

The significance of this symbol translates into great illumination or bright light.

The use of this symbol will help to heal the soul.

The mental and physical self can heal much more easily once the soul is healed.

Dai Ko Myo 1

Many say the latter two’s healing is automatic.

After the healing of the soul, Dai Ko Myo represents inner knowledge and truth.

The day enters the crown chakra when the Reiki Master gives it.

It tells the person the truth of who he is. It returns the person to God by recognizing his association with everything in the universe.

This symbol has the highest vibrations, making it the spiritual level most helpful.

One of Dai Ko Myo’s main uses is to open channels during attunement.

This helps heal the soul by increasing the link between the universe and the practitioner.

It can help heal the chakras and the aura.

Any illness which comes from the subconscious level can be healed with the dai code symbol; it cures the disease or sickness of the source instead of trying to treat only the symptoms.

This makes a recovery more effective.

It is also used to extract harmful energy from the body, which can also be used to provide light.

Reiki Dai Ko Myo Symbol

The Dai ko Myo symbol can be used to mount transparent crystals and self-heal when used.

It is first used before other symbols and displayed on the crown chakra.

This symbol is for Reiki masters only.

By itself it may be significant during the master attunement by the person’s Reiki Master, as in other symbols, but the power given to the symbol lies in the importance.

It is the symbol of illumination and combines all the three previous symbols.

It is seen above the chakra of the crown and its metaphysical, meaning, and healing properties.

This operates by soothing the soul, enabling the mind and body to repair themselves naturally.

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