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Reiki Symbols Explained: Cho Ku Rei (The Power Symbol)

Cho ku rei

The Cho Ku Rei Symbol

Reiki makes use of several symbols as a way to channel the life force energies to aid in healing Cho.

Ku is the power symbol.

It is used to enhance healing and AIDS and channeling Reiki energy.

It translates loosely into the place of the power of the universe.

Here, it can be used to cleanse and purify people or places it can also be used to boost the power of other symbols, while the exact drawing of the cho ku rei symbol may vary, it will look somewhat like a coil.

The practitioner will use the symbol as given to him by the Reiki Master, no matter how it is precisely drawn.

The effectiveness of Reiki treatments can be boosted with the power symbol, Cho code.

It can protect the person from negative energy as well.

It can be seen as somewhat of a portal that focuses the Reiki treatment and universal energy to bring about harmony and healing to a body or place a place that can be spiritually cleansed of negative energy.

Reiki Symbols

By the use of this symbol, this symbol can be visualized on the wall of a room, for instance, or drawn around a room with the center of the poem, the finger, or the third eye.

The symbol will have the intent given it by the practitioner.

Cho ku can be used to focus healing energy on a particular spot on the body.

Using the symbol over a specific chakra of the body can help to heal that chakra using the power symbol over a meal can have the same effects of removing any negative vibrations from the food.

This will make it more healthy and nutritious.

It can also be used to clean crystals of any negative energy.

It can be used to rid any item or space of any negative energy as well.

Cho ku rei symbol

The power symbol, Cho grudge, will increase the effectiveness of other symbols that have been given by the Reiki Master.

The power symbol is most effective when used at the beginning of the treatment.

It can also be used at the end of the treatment to close off the body, keeping the Reiki energy in its intended location because it essentially funnels energy to the desired body.

The part or space using Cho grudge with other symbols will increase the energy flowing through those symbols as well.

Chakuda is one of the symbols given to a student by the Reiki master during the second level attunement.

This symbol will always have the effect desired by the practitioner who uses it.

It is the power symbol and works to eliminate negative energies from the body, space, or an item.

It is also used to protect a person, or property cho day can be used with other symbols and will increase the power of those symbols as well.

It can be drawn with the hand, finger, or third eye, or it may be visualized.

It has no power before it is given to the student from the Reiki Master.

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