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Reiki Self Healing (Healing Yourself First)

reiki self healing benefits

Reiki Self-Healing First Person

Before healing someone else, the most important thing to know is to heal yourself.

Stay free from negative consequences and have a positive perspective.

This will relay the passion to the recipient.

You have to look out for several things when you do Reiki treatments, and you need to protect yourself and cleanse your aura daily.

You can accept the patient’s emotions you treat.

Empathic people take on other feelings, and this provides them sometimes with a question.

The practitioner is also able to draw his strength of life by using his energy of life rather than the Universal Force.

Therefore, to be tuned to Reiki is so essential.

You are going to tap into a universal force and not your energies that will drain you quite fast.

reiki self healing techniques

Before trying the same with other people, Love and accept yourself.

But some people never figure it out. This seems simple.

How can they motivate others to solve their challenges if they don’t even respect themselves?

Hold the Universal Life Power of Reiki with your purpose pure and real.

Only think right, talk well, and have great views.

Remember that if malicious thoughts exist in your heart, Reiki will not flow.

Keep it all bright and optimistic.

How to activate reiki self healing

Be mindful of the different energy currents of the individual, and don’t get too entangled with them.

You can easily do it because your energy can freeze.

You must ask the patient to break his power lock and restart.

You can use meditation or imaginative methods to anchor yourself.

Wrapping yourself and the room in pure white light also helps to overcome negative or energy problems.

It’s a security shield.

Surround it all with a golden triangle after the white light.

This provides additional protection against harmful effects.

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