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Reiki and Brain Waves: It’s not rocket science

Reiki and Brain Waves

Reiki Brainwave Healing

If regulated, brain wave patterns will enable you to enter advanced consciousness conditions.

These include personal development, spiritual growth, astral journeys, and Reiki cures.

It would help if you loosened up to learn to monitor and join these habits at will.

Reiki is beneficial to anyone who tries to promote their awareness and consciousness.

The Beta wave is the first.

That’s the mind aware.

We have heat, worry, and anxiety here.

Reiki Brain Wave Benefits

The higher waves that follow are essential for us to start raising and working.

The Alpha wave is the second.

That’s the unconscious or subconscious spirit.

It also lets us regulate our extrasensory experience and subliminal thoughts and can bring us into deeper states of consciousness.

It’s only a minimal condition–the first stage.

Secret experiences, futuristic dreams, or even past lives, can be reached.

Sometimes we even solve a problem that has plagued us for weeks, and we wake up to know the solution.

The Theta Wave is the sixth.

The subconscious mind is opened up.

The movement is more intense in extrasensory perception and can be the source of psychokinesis.

Reiki Brain Wave Facts

The level can help you stop the pain and achieve higher levels of hypnosis.

This is the level you want to reach when you meditate.

The Delta Wave is the fourth.

This leads us to the super-aware mental.

This wave can be detected in deep sleep stages.

On this point, your divine strength, your intelligence, and your knowledge are at your fingertips.

You will touch the spirit guides, see past lives, fly astrally to the higher consciousness, and communicate.

Every day you perform Reiki, take time to feel the energies circulating in and around you.

Eventually, you are aware of the various waves of the brain and start to understand which one you can access.

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