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How To Heal Yourself With Reiki?

How To Heal Yourself With Reiki

Healing Yourself with Reiki

Most people need a lot of energy for their healing.

It would help if you had a clear mind free of any concerns or problems in your life.

Meditation or mental imagery can be used to help you calm.

Respiration is always the best way to relax.

Have rhythmic breathing continuously.

Speak of a pure white light coming into your body on your inhale.

Upon exhalation, imagine all of the body’s harmful effects.

Return this negative power to the earth to neutralize it.

It helps to wash your hands and visualize negative energy down the drain.

It can also be used to purify the auric area with bells and chimes.

Many other ways of cleansing an aura are by using burning incense, by asking for protection and purification, by rubbing Frankincense and by whipping it around the auric surface and by calling on universal energy.

You can use these suggestions or find something else that works just as well in your practice.

Take advantage of that.

In Reiki, there’s no misunderstanding.

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That’s all you need if you follow your intuition.

Regardless of how much you want to help someone else, always first look after yourself.

Empathic people take advantage of their energy and eventually feel drained and weak.

You are, therefore, also vulnerable to disease and any negative energies that float there.

Guide the Reiki to the other individual by using their hands as reservoirs for the force.

Let you intend to help the individual heal or take some of his pain away.

The most important thing about Reiki is the goal.

You or the doctors always have good intentions.

Especially relevant, practice Reiki every day to be strong so that you can help others.

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