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Healing With Colors Daily: With Ease

how to use color therapy for healing

Color Healing Daily

There are growing waves and forces every day of the week.

These include plant electricity, light, abstract energy, and global resources.

These are the weapons of the Lightworker, Shaman, Spiritual, and the spirit that needs further knowledge all the time.

Sunday is a wonderful day for trust and insight.

Sunday is ruled by the sun, and it’s a yellow color.

Cinnamon and clove are the spices included.

Here is the chakra of the Solar Plexus.

Healing color chakras

Monday is a day of cleansing and negative repelling.

The Moon and Cancer are governed on Monday, with Violet and Blue color.

Eucalyptus and jasmine are herbs to be used.

Here focus on the chakra of the Throat.

It’s a personal power day on Tuesday.

Mars and Scorpio are ruled on Tuesday with a red color.

Peppermint, ginger, and cedar are the herbs that are used.

The Root Chakra functions this day.

We are building on our energy on Wednesday.

Mercury and Virgo reign Wednesday, with an orange color.

Lemon oil and lavender can be used as medicines.

Work on the Chakra of the Sacred.

The extension day is Thursday.

The Jupiter and Sagittarius govern on Thursday, with a variety of shades Violet, Indigo, and Red.

Healing With Colors Daily

Nutmeg, Sandalwood, and Lime are herbs to help this day.

Works on the chakras of the Crown, Brow, and Throat.

The day of devotion is Saturday.

Venus and Taurus govern Friday, and it has a green color.

Thyme, Sage, and Strawberry are herbs to use on this day.

Work on the chakra of the heart.

Saturday is a day of transition and consuming disappointment.

On Saturday, Saturn and Capricorn are governed, and Brown is its hue.

The only plant to use is Patchouli.

Both chakras are functioning because Saturday is the day that all the bad things are consumed.

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