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Color Therapy With Chakras: What They Forgot

Color Therapy With Chakras

Color Therapy Healing

Seven chakras govern our thoughts and feelings in our bodies.

We can also show if there is any difference.

Next, you have to figure out which chakra is unbalanced.

Choose the hue that suits the chakra afterward.

The Chakras can be matched with color every day.

A simple way to achieve this is to get several different color swatches of cloth.

These can help the chakras to balance.

The best thing is that it’s very cheap.

How to do color therapy

From beginning to end, the process takes about 20 minutes.

Lay quietly somewhere and say you’ve got the seven cloth swatches nearby.

The images are in sequence: red, white, yellow, black, blue, indigo, and purple.

It’s the rainbow’s colors.

Taking a few long, deep breaths, then look back at the activities of the day.

Remember any strong emotions or behaviors displayed throughout the day.

What chakras were these emotions unbalanced?

Take the color swatch and place it on the chakra region that you felt was unequal.

Imagine the color drawn from your head down into your body.

color vibration chart

Please take a couple more respirations, breathe deeply, and concentrate on the hue of the chakra and draw it.

You will appear “full” of light, up to five minutes before.

Another way is to take the seven tissue swatches and place them one by one on each chakra.

Let the chakra draw the full color.

Then go to the next one until all seven of you have done it.

Repeat whether you find that the color has not been used or if you feel a bit “vacuous” in one hue.

This can make your life full and light, so make a try.

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