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7 Chakra Colors And Meanings Revealed

7 Chakra Colors And Meanings Revealed

Chakras and their meanings

Picture energy portals spread across your body.

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit and basically means wheel.

Each of us has seven different types of chakras interspersed between the base of the spine and the head.

The smooth flow of energy from one part of the body to another is the duty of these plates.

Every blockage usually turns out to be a physical, emotional, or spiritual illness in this series; we look at the different chakras, their correlation of color, and what they signify.

First, the root chakra

Understood in Sanskrit as Muladhara.

It is at the root of your spine, and the red color is reflected.

It is said that the root chakra is the center of one’s identity, strength, and vitality.

It controls the bladder of the kidneys, hips, and more.

This chakra is located at your door and meets the essentials for the survival and safety of people.

If your root chakra is out of control, fear, uncertainty, and anxiety can emerge.

You may have physical dilemmas, like constipation from vomiting, excessive urination, and kidney stones.

7 Chakra Colors

The next chakra is the sacral chakra of the orange color.

This energy portal controls the stomach and associated tissues such as first sexual and secondary masculine and feminine glands, such as ovaries, prostate, and checks.

It is responsible for the will and desire of a person to succeed.

Creativity is also thought to come from the sacred chakra.

If the sacral chakra is blocked, you can be mentally and physically exploitative.


The celestial, solar chakra, bright, light, controls the liver, spleen, and intestines.

It is synonymous with trust, rational desire, and the ability to effectively use one’s intellect.

Every sun blockage, plexus chakra, normally seen as liver disease, ulcers, pancreatitis, fatigue, and unnecessary anxiety.

The heart chakra is green and is where your heart is. It’s linked to the thymus gland, which regulates your immunity to love and compassion and the ability to forgive while the heart chakra works as it should.

You will likely be friendly, generous, humble, and romantic.

Chakra Symbols and colors

The chakra of your throat is blue and is found in your mouth.

Controlling thyroid, it helps you become touchy, inspiring, and loyal if you are well balanced, with an out-of-balance throat chakra all linked to bronchitis, asthma, mouth ulcers, and tonsillitis.

The brow chakra is indigo, it is located on a brow level between your eyes and the hypophysis, and your eyes and sinuses when balanced help you to become fearless, a searcher and an intuitive person.

Finally, the crown chakra violet in color is on the head’s crown and is connected to the pineal gland.

Humanitarians, visionary figures, mentally healthy, and innovative people are considered to have a good crown chakra.

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