Pure Reiki Healing Mastery Program Review

Upure reiki trainingOwen Coleman, The author of the popular Pure Reiki Mastery package provides buyers with instant access to this easy to use step by step system. The author teaches readers how to use powerful Reiki techniques and secrets, in addition to a quick method for easily and quickly healing illnesses and diseases through powerful Reiki energy. This course is based on the teachings of the founder of Reiki Mikai Usui and it’s designed to help the user to learn Reiki quickly, in as little as two days.

Skeptics may never truly understand the art of Reiki, or why so many people who have undergone this type of training enjoy a heightened sense of intuition, calm and overall joy. But if you are someone who is curious about this ancient practice, the author has done an excellent job of designing a home Reiki training program that’s simple and easy to use.

Reiki has a reputation for having a positive effect on all forms of negative conditions and illnesses. This can include minor issues such as colds, strained muscles, stress and trouble sleeping. Many people have even claimed that Reiki can help to reduce or eliminate the side effects of certain types of medical treatments.

While the author has included a rapid Reiki technique that’s designed to teach the student everything they need to know about attunement and energy flow in as little as two days, users should have realistic expectations in regards to the results they experience. Especially when you consider that many Reiki masters spend several years training.

Finally a Reiki Training Program You Can Do at Home

The easy to implement techniques and concepts that are taught throughout this program will allow the user to channel universal life force energy into another person through the laying on of the hand’s techniques. It can be used to heal both emotional and physical illnesses including anxiety, stress, depression, infertility, pain, and migraines and much a more.

As the user develops their skills, advancing to the level of Reiki master, they will be able to advance through the stages of Reiki rapidly and can lead group Reiki and even Remote reiki. Remote Reiki allows the master to heal people across great distances.

And best of all, the results people will experience from using this extensive guide requires no supplements, medications or medical treatments.

Here are just a few examples of some of the concepts and techniques that are offered in this exciting new Reiki course:

•    A how-to on group Reiki

•    Reiki techniques to improve self-confidence

•    Channeling life energy

•    Applying rapid Reiki

•    Hand positions in Reiki

•    Methods to increase intuition

•    Using energy to block illness

•    The art of remote Reiki

This course is available as an instant download after purchase and can be viewed online or in PDF format. The system will include PDF training guides, MP3 audio downloads, and video training. The program is compatible with PCs and Macs, smartphones and other types of mobile devices.

The cost is a one-time fee of just $47.

The system comes with four free bonuses, which include:

Healing meditations with Reiki: a collection of five audio downloads that can be given to clients to help promote healing and recovery between sessions.

Reiki music: this music collection will work to create the right type of vibrational harmony that can be used to calm the mind and body so the student can experience faster results.

A video version of this Reiki training program and Reiki certificates.

This program is backed by a sixty-day money back guarantee.


How Learning Reiki Can Change the Way You Experience Life

For many people, daily stress can take its toll and this often manifests in chronic headaches, depression, increased anxiety, a feeling of emptiness, lack of motivation, problems at home and work and even chronic illness. Coping with anxiety and stress daily can be difficult and can leave the body more susceptible to serious illnesses and disease. Many people will turn to techniques and methods used to calm the body and mind and encourage relaxation. For many people, this comes in the form of meditation, yoga, and solitude, all of which are ways to lower blood pressure, increase energy levels and improve the immune system. But this innovative home course on Reiki offers well-balanced instruction that works to heal both the body and the mind and it’s the perfect solution for men and women who simply don’t have time to attend lengthy Reiki classes. This popular program can encourage you to easily tap into the powers and energy of Reiki, allowing you to begin your journey to becoming a Reiki master.

The author is a Reiki master, teacher, and healer. In order to offer Reiki in its full potential, the author has created a teaching method that works to help people lose unwanted weight, restores a person’s sense of worth, helps a person to achieve their goals and gives each student the confidence to reach the third master level of Reiki.

This program was developed based on the pure art of Reiki healing, but in addition to the healing, this program also offers other benefits to the soul, body, and mind. Unlike many types of meditation techniques, this program offers users the opportunity to advance through the three levels of Reiki: practitioner, advanced and master. In order to meet these goals, the student must carefully read these user-friendly training manuals, watch the master class training videos and take advantage of their unlimited access of the five meditation music files.

While many consumers are probably hesitant to try this program, this system can be an invaluable resource for anyone who has always wanted to train in Reiki, or for people who are enrolled in traditional brick and mortar programs but also want a chance to study Reiki closely and at home.

Regardless of prior knowledge or skill level, Reiki is very easy to learn. The video demonstrations allow viewers to easily master these techniques, and at their own pace.

Reiki Home Training Program Pros and Cons

Pros: In addition to this user-friendly system, this program comes with audio, video and PDF downloads and other bonus items that make this program one the most cost-effective Reiki courses around. This program offers a wide variety of advantages for improving spiritual health, the mind, and the body. It’s also an ideal option for people who are busy and don’t have the freedom in their schedule to make it to Reiki classes once or twice a week. This program recommends just ten to twenty minutes a day using the rapid training technique. The author claims this program is easy to learn, understand and teach. These teachings are designed to offer fast relief to a number of ailments. While many people who are new to Reiki may be initially intimidated by Reiki’s history and the techniques used, the author has packed the instruction manuals with details and pictures in order to show the exact methods used to facilitate the balance of the body and mind and in order to facilitate self-treatment and healing. Most importantly, the techniques used in this program promise to provide better sleep and deep relaxation, making this training course a must-have for people with poor sleep habits or high levels of stress. These classes also teach users effective techniques to use to promote relaxation through the use of meditative music. Compared to other online Reiki training programs, Pure Healing is also very cost effective. This package only requires a one-time fee and fits every budget. This program also allows users to attain healing powers at an accelerated rate, without the high cost that comes with years of training. With just forty-eight hours of training or less, people can be taught simple, transformational and gentle Reiki teachings.

Immediately after this program is purchased consumers can download the entire program. Consumers who are unsatisfied with their user experience can take advantage of the sixty-day money back guarantee for a full refund.

Cons: While this program is designed for anyone who has an interest in learning this ancient practice, this course may not be right for everyone. This can actually be a very difficult experience for people who do not make a conscious effort. If you’re someone who has never been one to believe in alternative healing methods, then this program probably isn’t for you.

The Benefits of Home Reiki Training

Reiki is a type of subtle energy and it’s very different from physical or chemical energy. The Reiki energy comes from a higher power that exists in a higher dimension than the physical world. Reiki isn’t a religion, although it’s spiritual in nature. Students of Reiki do not need to change their spiritual or religious beliefs and they’re encouraged to make their own decisions concerning their religious practices.

During a standard attunement ceremony, the Reiki energy will flow from the master’s hands to the client. A client can be seated, lying down or even standing. The master will place their hands near or on the client’s body, using a series of hand positions. The hands are placed on the feet, stomach, shoulders or head. More specific positions can be used based on the needs of the client. Every position will be held for a period of two to ten minutes, depending on the client’s needs. A whole treatment session will typically last for an hour.

reiki training practitionersWhat a person experiences during an attunement session will vary from person to person. However, the receiver often feels deeply relaxed and may even feel a powerful radiance that flows through them. The Reiki energy will encourage the receiver to let go of their negative feelings, fear, stress and anxiety. Some people even fall asleep during attunement or report a feeling of floating. Others will have mystical experiences such as visions. At the end of the session, a person often feels very refreshed and relaxed, with a more balanced, positive outlook.

These attunement sessions are taught in a manner that’s easy to understand. The instructional videos will ensure that the user is placing their hands correctly, while the music helps to promote both master and client relaxation.

This program promises a wide range of benefits through this ancient healing practice. Some benefits you can expect include:

•    A deeper understanding of the exact nature of life force energy that can be harnessed and used on a daily basis. This understanding will allow students to reach the master level and teach others the elements of Reiki training.

•    Students will also learn about energy blocks and the reason behind why so many people experience emotional distress and chronic illnesses, how to dissolve these energy blocks within and how to dissolve energy blocks in the people around them, without force or effort.

•    Reiki students will also learn how to restore their free flowing energy to every area of the body. They will also learn how to pick and choose how to heal the body and mind.

•    Students will notice instant results after their first session, quickly and easily.

•    This accelerated program will eliminate the need for years of training

•    Students will learn how to heal the soul, body, and mind.

•    After the completion of the program, students will experience a heightened sense of intuition.

•    Students will also learn where and how to perform healing sessions on others and help them to access their own healing power.

Conclusion and Rating for Reiki Home Training Program

If you’re someone who has always been interested in learning more about Reiki training and techniques, then this is a good buy. You’ll get a ton of reading material, training guides, audio and video downloads, all of which will allow you to train and practice at your own pace, in the comfort of your home.

Ultimately, consumer satisfaction heavily depended on whether the buyer took Reiki seriously. Many consumers were satisfied with the techniques and materials covered in the program and highly recommended it, giving it a consumer rating of five out of five stars. With the sixty day money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose.